2020 Annual Giving Campaign!

2020 Annual Giving Campaign!

This week the PTSA kicks off our fourth Annual Giving Campaign! Our one-and-only 2020 PTSA fundraiser runs from October 15-25. In the past, in order to provide things such as field trips, signature grade level experiences, athletic equipment and classroom supplies, our goal has been around $70,000 in donations and $15,000 in corporate matching, spiritwear sales, and grants. This year the needs will be different and we understand families might be in a more difficult position, therefore our goal for this year is to raise $20,000 in donations and $3,000 in corporate matching.

The PTSA is focused on creating an environment where every child connected to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School has a rich and rewarding middle school experience. Here are just a few ways the PTSA spent your donated dollars last year:

● $14,000 on Teacher Grants and Classroom Supplies
● $7,500 on Library Books
● $1,500 on the School Musical
● $1,000 on Counselor and Outreach
● $4,000 on Events, T-Shirts, 8th Grade Promotion
● $1,500 on the Jazz II teacher
● $5,500 on Athletic Equipment
● $1,600 on Parent Education

Of course, we’d love to raise more than $20,000! With those additional donations we could provide more library books, book clubs, events for parent support, and maybe even an outfitted community gathering room and field trips once we are back in the building. Our suggested donation per family is $75 but any amount you are able to contribute helps us reach our goal! Please donate online or fill out this form to mail a check.

Thank you for your generous support!

-Friends of Robert Eagle Staff PTSA Board and Robert Eagle Staff school staff

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