About Us

About Us

EAGLE STAFF PTSA VISION: Every child connected with Robert Eagle Staff Middle School has a rich and rewarding middle school experience that helps them to reach their full potential and realize their academic and personal goals and ambitions.
EAGLE STAFF PTSA MISSION: (1) Act as a powerful voice for the children in our community; (2) serve as a relevant and helpful resource for families, the school, and our community; and (3) be a strong advocate for the well-being and education of all children.
We strive to support our school in six primary categories:
  • Student support: Promote the health and well-being of our children and youth
  • Safety: Work to ensure that our school campus is a safe environment
  • Advocacy: Advocate for students and public education
  • Community Outreach: Build a strong community
  • Academic support: Provide academic support through collaboration between families and educators
  • Enrichment: Offer and support enrichment programs, events, and activities
We achieve our goals through PTSA membership, fundraising, advocacy, outreach and
communications, and a strong culture of volunteerism. Our hope is that all our families and
teachers will help to support the Friends of Robert Eagle Staff Middle School PTSA mission.
FORESMS PTSA is a member of the Washington State and National PTA organizations, and
Seattle Council #6.15.13. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

2018-2019 Fiscal Year

2018-2019 Approved Budget

2017-2018 Fiscal Year

As part of the curriculum night activities on Tuesday, October 10, Eagle Staff PTSA members voted to (i) appoint our PTSA board members to official, rather than ‘interim’, positions; and (ii) adopt a revised budget for the 2017/2018 school year, now that there is more information about how the PTSA can best support our school community.

Official officers (previously ‘interim’):
Co-Presidents: George Durham & Lexy Relph
Vice-President (Membership and Fundraising): Lisa Garms
Vice-President (Volunteers and Events): Jelena Vandenhaak
Co-Treasurers: James Dailey & Marisa Taylor
Secretary: Camille Heinen

Adopted budget:
2017-2018 RESMS PTSA Budget

Link to PTSA Annual Report 2017-2018

Link to PTSA Community Survey Results 2017-2018

We have worked on developing the Eagle Staff PTSA budget over the seven months, to align with budgets of other local middle schools, as well as known and anticipated potential expenses.

Note that detailed estimates for specific line items have not been included since we do not know exactly what will be needed in our first year; however, estimates for these potential expenses have been used to develop the high-level category budget line items.

Budget allocations will be approved by the finance committee in alignment with our mission and priorities, based on amount of funds available.

Questions or comments, or interest in volunteering on the finance committee? Let us know: president@eaglestaffptsa.org.

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