Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety

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Talking Points for Traffic Safety at Robert Eagle Staff:

  • Please note that the below points are still valid as of January 2018, as the necessary improvements to the infrastructure have not been made. Please see the who to contact at the bottom.

    UPDATE: The Mayor’s office described a prioritization of this work in September 2017.  In November we went to the press and received this  coverage. 

Previous Campaign

On Tuesday, September 26th, we need your help contacting city officials about traffic safety around our school. Use the talking points below so we are all speaking in a uniform voice. A list of who to contact is below this script

UPDATE:  Thank you for everyone who called or emailed.  We have received an update from SDOT on their plans, and we hope to see action soon.  Thank you!  

I am a concerned parent at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School. I am apalled that our city has opened a large school complex without adequate traffic safety provisions installed despite years of planning. I am asking your help to make sure all kids at our new school are safe:

  • Despite having ample advance notice, the City planning process and SDOT did not put in place school zone signs, no parking zones, and adequate crossings on 90th, an east-west arterial with a history of high volumes, high speeds, and collisions.
  • This has created a very dangerous situation for middle school children who must cross 90th to get to and from school, especially directly out from the main entrance.
  • A rapid flashing beacon was already procured under a grant and should be installed immediately. We strongly prefer the installation directly out from the main entrance walkway as that is where kids and adults are naturally crossing (it also eliminates crossing the school driveway).
  • We need SDOT to install “No Parking” signs on the north side of 90th, repaint the crosswalk across Stone, install painted curb bulbs, paint new crosswalks across 90th (we prefer the main walkway crossing of Stone mid-block but also need a new crossing at Stone from and at Ashworth east of the School), and install the speed bumps on Stone
  • We were assured these improvements would be accomplished as soon as possible after school opened but we are now being told that installations could be delayed until November or December or even Spring creating an unsafe and unacceptable situation for our children.
  • This work should be prioritized to avoid a child being hit by a vehicle (speeds on 90th frequently exceed 30 mph), especially as visibility becomes more difficult on dark and rainy days.
  • If these things cannot be installed before day light savings ends, (November 4th), then we demand that temporary solutions be put into place. This should include a temporary curb bulb and flashing beacon, and/or a traffic officer AM and PM and for after school events.
  • Finally, we suggest this is an issue of equity as not all parents can drive their kids nor do we want to encourage that as the main way that we get kids to school. Most parents assume that safety issues have been considered and addressed.

Who to Contact

Here are the contact emails and direct phone lines for officials to contact to make the biggest impact. If you prefer to call, please use the script above as a guide.

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