Dental Screenings at RESMS Health Center

Dental Screenings at RESMS Health Center

Dental screenings will be held at the RESMS Health Center on Wednesday April 20th, 2022 from 8 am-2:30 pm.

What is a dental screening? 

Our dental screenings are conducted by our dentists. They are quick (1-2 minutes) oral checks of the student’s mouth with an optional application of fluoride. Dentists assess based on the visual exam whether the student has any follow-up needs (i.e., cleanings, sealants, dental procedures, etc.).

This allows us to see a high volume of patients in a day and do a broader-level assessment of the community’s oral-health needs.

If the dentist identifies a follow-up need, we will be able to register and schedule the student with our dental team or provide resources to community dental clinics for referral, if needed.

Please complete the following consent form and have your student bring it to their assessment.

Dental Screening Consent Form – English

Dental Screening Consent Form – Spanish

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