Safe Routes

Safe Routes

Bike and Walk to School


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Safe Routes Introduction

We intend this to be a guide to help parent and guardians to navigate the options available for getting their kids to school. We hope to encourage walking and biking as part of a healthy lifestyle and community building.

If you drive, remember that the speed limit in a school zone is 20 MPH and in all cases on Seattle side streets, 20 mph is plenty!  As the Seattle Times noted on Sept 3, 2017:

“Pedestrian-vehicle injuries are the fifth leading cause of death for U.S. children ages 5 to 19, according to Teaching our kids to be careful when crossing the street, such as making eye contact with drivers, could save some lives. But the real responsibility rests with the drivers themselves. Slow down, follow the rules and drive with everyone’s children in mind.”

Please see the map above for a general overview of routes.  There have been major investments in greenways and special pedestrian signals. More is needed around the school.  See our urgent call to action on Sept 23rd, 2017 and updates.

We hope you will take this as a set of suggestions and recommendations and that you will jump in and participate in this important area.



Please make safety a priority.

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